Lead Generation for a Cybersecurity Vendor [Case Study]

  • 1 minute read

The Objective

A cybersecurity vendor reached out to PMG360 for a lead generation campaign utilizing our highly qualified B2B niche audiences database. The goal was to produce 200 highly qualified leads (HQLs) over a period of 2 months.

The client provided three qualifying questions for filtering relevant leads. Based on the answers, PMG360 would evaluate the relevance of the lead and determine if it matched the client’s description of an HQL lead.

Achieving the Objective

The PMG360 team curated three content pieces and distributed them to the filtered list of prospects. After receiving their permission, we sent a survey to the leads engaged with the campaign. The survey consisted of the three qualifying questions the client gave us. 

Based on the survey answers, PMG360 filtered out the prospects. Afterward, we put the leads through our 12-point quality control process to ensure data quality and ensure that the qualifying leads met the client’s buyer persona specifications.


Download the case study for the full report




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