HQL Campaign for ServiceNow Platform Management [Case Study]

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Facing challenges with their ServiceNow platform, an elite partner in the UK & Ireland teamed up with PMG360 for a lead generation campaign.  

The mission 

To elevate their status in the competitive European market amidst obstacles like: 

  • Partner dissatisfaction 
  • Scaling difficulties in line with platform growth 
  • Budgetary constraints for talent acquisition 

PMG360 crafted a targeted campaign, utilizing an array of strategies from compelling email campaigns offering free ServiceNow reviews to custom tracking links for pinpoint accuracy in lead tracking. Through rigorous testing and a sophisticated lead qualification process, we identified high-value prospects grappling with specific ServiceNow challenges. 

The results 

A significant influx of high-quality leads, pinpoint targeting through ABM lists, and strategic suppression of competitor contacts, driving unparalleled business growth and positioning our client as a top ServiceNow partner in Europe. 

Download our case study to discover how we tackled ServiceNow platform challenges and achieved winning results with our strategies. 




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