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PMG360 Services

PMG360 Services

Progressive Media Group Inc. (PMG360) provides high-quality Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Display Advertising, Data License services to B2B companies in the USA. 

Over 6 million business professionals rely on Progressive Media Group Inc.’s services to run their business more efficiently. By leveraging this captive audience across our diverse media brands, PMG360 has perfected the process of targeting and producing high-quality business leads for our customers.

Our lead generation programs combine our responsive audiences with systematic engagement processes. It includes artificial intelligence (AI), content creation, email promotions, targeted web/newsletter display advertising and direct telemarketing efforts. We generate high converting leads across various verticals, job roles/functions, job levels and company sizes.

PMG360 QC process is so effective, we guarantee that our leads are 100% accurate!


PMG360 is a leading online media company that provides business-to-business (B2B) marketers unparalleled access to a highly qualified and engaged audience.

Leads are the lifeline for every business.  The PMG360 Lead Generation program ensures your sales growth by helping your business bridge the demand gaps in your sales pipeline and meet your lead generation goals. 

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to capture your audience’s attention. The PMG360 first-party permission data and third-party partnerships enable us to identify behavior and intent in virtual real-time. 

In today’s competitive market cutting through the clutter and connecting with your audience through great custom content remains essential. The PMG360 custom content team has the experience and expertise needed to help you develop and define the most effective content marketing strategy.

Quality data drives insightful business decisions.  The PMG360 Database affords you access to their highly accurate and robust audience base. Leveraging their enriched database will enable you to create tailored content, better informed marketing decisions, and effectively understand ROI. 

Digital advertising remains a staple as organizations are focused on their brand recall.  The PMG360 First-Party Digital Display network allows you to leverage their first-party permissioned data to help drive valuable audience impressions and exposure to your ideal prospects across all channels, and make the most of ad spend.

PMG360 Buyer Personas

Representation of our ideal customer based on market research and real data about existing customers.



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We serve an engaged subscriber base within highly diverse markets with timely, insightful and informative content every day.



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Access Our Brands

Gain direct access to audiences of over 6 million subscribers in the Technology, Job Function, and Professional industries.

Succesful Business News

Audience Size: Over 3,000,000

The Progressive Accountant

Audience Size: Over 1,000,000

Progressive Financial Advisor

Audience Size: Over 400,000

Progressive Human Resource Management

Audience Size: Over 300,000

Progressive Law Practice

Audience Size: Over 200,000

Nonprofit Technology News

Audience Size: Over 200,000

AI & Machine Learning

Audience Size: Over 200,000

The Progressive Physician

Audience Size: Over 100,000

The Mortgage Leader

Audience Size: Over 90,000

CMO Technology News

Audience Size: Over 90,000

Security Tech Brief

Audience Size: Over 80,000

The Progressive Builder

Audience Size: Over 50,000

TPA Tech News

Audience Size: Over 20,000

Tax Prep News

Audience Size: Over 20,000

Supply Chain Technology News

Audience Size: Over 20,000

Big Data & Analytics Tech Brief

Audience Size: Over 10,000

Nonprofit Accounting News

Audience Size: Over 10,000

Fundraising Technology News

Audience Size: Over 10,000

Cloud Tech Brief

Audience Size: Over 10,000

FinTech News Brief

Audience Size: Over 5,000

ERP Global Insights

Audience Size: Over 5,000

Brands That Trust PMG360

Brands that trust PMG360


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Reach Marketing engaged with PMG360 to generate high-quality SQLs.  They wanted to launch a program that could generate leads for a specific product line, that would also scale over time.  Their goal was to generate high-quality leads, improve conversions, and ROI.

Reach Marketing

Thomson Reuters


Reach Marketing

Thomson Reuters