Pillar Post for a Legal Client [Case Study]

  • 1 minute read

PMG360 started this elaborate content marketing plan targeting the entry and mid-level professionals. It is done through the use of the Pillar Post Project Content released. This project aims to be a helpful resource for entry to mid-level professionals and educate them on the unfamiliar subject matters that may impact their business.

In order to fulfill this goal, PMG360 created varieties of content, such as, a 2400-word article as the pillar post and 4 supporting posts of 1000-1400 word content. Aside from that, these content are optimized and shared to email and social media platforms to ensure it can reach the target audience.

Fortunately, it paved the way to success as it resulted in great outcomes.

The 2400-word Pillar post was able to garner the highest most engaged section on the PMG360 website. Additionally, other resources available are also viewed, which means the call to action is a success. 

This result shows a strong relevance of strategic planning of content to achieve the target goal for any business. 

Learn more about PMG360’s approach in accomplishing this result. Download our case study now and discover how to help your business in the future.


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