Important B2B Marketing Trends You Should Follow

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The markets always change with time and it’s important to stay in touch with ongoing B2B marketing trends and best practices. What worked in 2021 might not be very effective in 2022. This article will help you evaluate the current marketplace and develop a relevant marketing strategy.  

Account-Based Marketing 

The days of casting a net and hoping for the best are long gone. People expect all the personalization you could possibly have in a marketing campaign. That’s where ABM (Account-Based Marketing) enters the scene. ABM relies on a personalized approach to specific market segments. 

With all targeting capabilities and the use of form fields, prospects can expect a personalized approach.ABM helps companies become aware of the prospect’s needs and better understand which solution fits them best. 

ABM revolves around creating market segments and identifying their characteristics and needs. After selecting the segments, the company creates a personalized marketing campaign. This way, when the campaign reaches the prospects, it immediately addresses relevant pain points and does a better job at capturing their attention.

Personalized campaigns also give credibility and leave a favorable impression, showing that you are well aware of your customers’ needs. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that your product or service will be designed around said problems in mind.

Video Marketing 

Video content keeps its relevance in marketing trends for several years now – it works for many companies. The easy nature of just consuming video content makes it very appealing to users across the internet.  The problem is that many companies still struggle to produce video content that works. Yes, producing video content can get very expensive, but it’s an investment worth seeking. And there are many inexpensive alternatives out there. 

It’s not always necessary to hire a crew to shoot a real-life video. Animation can be a great option for educational videos. You also do not need to hire an animator to draw everything from scratch. There are plenty of tools that let you use pre-generated animations. These tools not only cut costs but also production time. 

 Unfortunately, with video marketing, people often fail to use the medium properly. Very often e a marketing video fails to keep your attention and ends up just being a visual information dump. When creating videos, it is essential to remember structure and delivery.  Otherwise, all your investments will become a waste. 

Here are some quick tips on how to make your videos more effective:

  • Define one clear message you want to convey in each video. If you aim too wide you might miss the target altogether. 
  • Make sure there is some visual motion throughout the video. Completely monotone videos without any visual movement can be hard to follow just like a long article with very hefty paragraphs.  
  • Don’t go crazy on animation. Too much visual movement might distract the viewer from the message.
  • Segment your video. Use title screens to divide the message into smaller bites. This gives a sense of structure and makes it easier to navigate around the video.

It’s important to remember that video marketing is not just about production. Don’t get lost in the video-making hassle and forget about the content that is at the heart of each video. Always focus on the message and its effective delivery.

Data Licensing 

Data is just as much of a king as content. Considered the new oil by many, accurate data is key to successful B2B marketing. And just like oil, getting accurate data takes quite the effort and manpower. 

The process can take quite some time which is a luxury that many companies cannot afford. That’s where data licensing shines and why so many companies choose to license a ready-made database. 

As a leader in data licensing, PMG360 is able to offer comprehensive insight into how the process works and why it’s so effective. 

By providing relevant content to niche audiences PMG360 is able to cultivate a database.   Companies who need to increase their exposure to new audiences come to us to license one of our databases with the relevant audience.

Before licensing the database to a company, PMG360 puts each contact through a multi-step verification and communication process. To be more precise, a 15-step quality control process. The steps include: 

  • multiple email communications
  • third-party verification
  • engagement tracking
  • social media cross-referencing

All this is done to ensure that the licensed data is current and accurate. This way companies won’t pay for a database with ‘dead’ contacts. It’s always important to get acquainted with the verification process before licensing data. After the licensing is complete, an account-based campaign is then set up to introduce the offering to the audience. 

You can think of Data Licensing as the Netflix model of high-quality data. Now it’s possible to attain data faster in a white-hat fashion and not sacrifice quality. 

Content Automation with Artificial Intelligence 

It’s not news that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide helpful insights. However, many are now coming to realize that AI is also a great tool for automating your content strategy. Not only are the number of AI-powered content strategy tools multiplying they are also becoming more accurate. 

This is a good time to invest in AI’s content strategy.  The AI tools not only can save time by automating the process but might help you look into directions you didn’t think of before. 

AI can also help with SEO optimization as well. We’re of course not suggesting you try and replace your Content Manager & SEO specialist with AI. There’s still a long road ahead. Think of AI as a tool that can help automate processes and free up some time for your content team for other crucial tasks.

This concludes our list of the most prominent B2B marketing trends for 2022. Hopefully, you found some good ideas for your campaigns for this year. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for more insights.

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