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Impression Advertising – $500 Value

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PMG360 offers and updates

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For the month of August, PMG360 will be offering all display customers 20,000 complimentary targeted impressions—a $500 value. We’ve learned through 15+ years of industry-leading lead generation experience that the difference between “leads” and “the right leads for your distinct needs” is the difference between a stagnant business and a growing business. This is why we’ve created a unique and proprietary process that doesn’t just deliver leads but delivers the type of leads you need to grow your business. Our unique process allows us to deliver four distinct types of leads: [lead gen link]

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

Sales qualified leads have gone through the buyer’s journey, know what they want, and are looking for an immediate solution to their problem. These leads are red-hot and ready to buy right now. If you need to inject some extra sales into your business, sales-qualified leads are the financial shot in the arm you need.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)

We’ve taken all of our marketing leads through a multi-step process to prepare them to hear in detail about the services that you offer. They’ve shown that they are open and interested in hearing detailed and specific information about your solutions. Are you looking for long-term service-based partnerships? Marketing qualified leads are for you.

Account-based Marketing Leads (ABM)

We leverage our six million+ active subscribers filled with the corner-office and C-level executives. These subscribers rely on our newsletters to help them grow their business, deliver business news, stay current and keep ahead of the competition. There is no place with better access to c-suite business decision-makers. Our lead generation process is proven to help you get the exact type of leads you need to accomplish your specific goals. Let’s grow your business together! Schedule a free consultation call with us today and learn more about the impression campaign.  Free consultation call

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