PMG360 February Special Offer

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Attend a PMG360  Inbound, Outbound Analysis meeting and get free data hygiene or verification service. You will also get 10% off of Data Reactivation. 

In this Analysis meeting, we’ll discuss your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), your current inbound and outbound efforts. After that, we will suggest ways you could improve your processes. As a special offer, PMG360 will hygiene and verify up to ten thousand records for free. 

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A decent data cleansing regiment will bring benefits in various business aspects:

Precise targeting. The effectiveness of reaching the audience of your choosing is directly related to the accuracy of your data. This is one of the main reasons companies give their database tidiness a priority. Effective targeting leads to more sales, therefore increasing the ROI of the efforts.

Reduce waste of time and money. Wrong data can lead to very ineffective sales and marketing efforts. The messiness not only results in a waste of time but money with campaigns that don’t fulfill their potential. Data management routines help you avoid all this loss and provide your sales and marketing teams with the most important tool they need to achieve success.

Minimize compliance risks. With the introduction of privacy laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation, the collateral damages of mishandling private data have become much greater. Routine audits and compliance-related alterations to your database will help you immensely reduce such risks.

Improve decision-making. The more accurate your analytics, the more effective is your decision making. Many leave their analytics on the back burner without checking on it. This can result in misleading data and predictions. You probably already guessed it – data hygiene helps with this too. 


Don’t have the capacity of handling all this by yourself? Only in February, attend our Analysis meeting and get free Data Hygiene or verification services. Don’t miss your chance. Contact us today and get your special offer.




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