Top 5 Benefits of Digital Display Advertising for B2B Lead Generation

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Display advertising is digital advertising plus visuals. It’s a great way to present your brand in a more liberated way across the web. Whether it’s a video, an animation, or an interactive ad, digital display advertising presents great tools for gaining more exposure around the web. In this article, we’ll go over some of the benefits of display advertising to illustrate how it’s different from traditional text-based paid promotion and how you can incorporate it into your B2B marketing strategy.

The Benefits of Digital Display Advertising

Benefit #1: Customization

With standard digital advertising, your only option is text (not counting social media promotions). On top of that, it’s a very short text that you are allowed to use to capture attention. It’s not all that bad, and in some cases very effective, like on the search engine results pages but what if you want some flair? What if your product shines visually?

This where display ads shine. As long as you meet the resolution rules you are given, you can create the visual ad of your dreams. Whether it’s a static image or an animation, you can use the space given to catch the users’ attention much quicker than you would with plain text ads. 

Traditionally, you have three standard sizes for display ads: landscape, square, and vertical. The latter is sometimes called a “skyscraper” and is a tall narrow block. There are also banner ads that show up on the top of the web page, often referred to as “leaderboard ads”. 

Benefit #2: Eye-Catching

With all those visuals, display ads are obviously better at catching visitors’ attention compared to text ads. Responsive ads are especially the most effective at this. Display ads can get your message across even if all they get is a brief glance from the visitor. 

To utilize this benefit of display advertising, make sure the message your visual contains is as brief as possible. It’s also good to use colors or animations that pop, but not too much, otherwise, there’s a risk your ad will end up irritating visitors and having the opposite effect. 

Benefit #3: Remarketing Opportunities

With digital advertising, you have the opportunity to target people who have previously visited your website. This is a great way to warm up those prospects who aren’t immediately prepared to commit to your product and haven’t provided you with their email address yet.

Remarketing campaigns give you the ability to customize the ads to the specific visitor, e.g. show the specific product the visitor was looking at your website, or show a custom message like “You left an item in your cart”. Advertisers can choose to place their ads either on specific websites that have relevant content or launch across various platforms and just exclude websites that aren’t relevant.  

Benefit #4: Incredible Tracking Tools

All the amazing tracking tools that we know and love from digital advertising are also available for display ads. These tools make it easier to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. The KPIs are the same: Impressions, Reach, Engagement Rate, and Click-Through Rate (CTR). You can even see how much time people spent on your landing page after clicking on the ad and what other pages they visited. 

Besides the standard KPIs, make sure to closely study the visitor’s behavior on your website after clicking on your display ad. Study the time they spent studying the landing page and if they went on to look at other pages as well. It’s important to support your digital ads with strong landing pages that have clear descriptions of your offering and a convincing list of benefits and features. 

Benefit #5: Wide variety of targeting, both wide and narrow

The best part of any digital marketing campaign is the targeting abilities that the platforms provide. Depending on your campaign goals you can either target a very large audience or a niche audience for conversions.

The best thing about Google Display Advertising Network is that it offers ad placements on many websites. You can either choose to place your ads on popular websites if your goal to get as many impressions as you can to increase your brand awareness. If the goal of your campaign is to get more conversions, you can place ads on specific websites that have a relevant readership. 

Bonus: Reach customers everywhere

Display advertising offers you a wide variety of platforms where you can show your ads. On top of websites, your ads can also play when people are streaming video content on their TV. Thanks to streaming sticks and smart TVs that come with app support, people stream content directly on their TVs. It’s definitely cheaper than traditional TV advertising and considering that streaming gets more and more popular by the day, the exposure potential is pretty huge. And the great thing is, there are no ad blockers for TVs, so the risk of your ads getting blocked is eradicated on TVs. 

And that concludes our list of benefits. Hopefully, this article helped you in making a decision about visual promotion and understanding the importance of display advertising. If you need help with your digital display advertising efforts feel free to contact us at PMG360. Our First-Party Digital Display network will make it possible for you to leverage our first-party data to drive valuable audience impressions and exposure to your ideal prospects across all channels, making the most of ad spend.


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