3 Unique Ways To Rapidly Grow Your B2B Email List

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You’ve spent a huge amount of time and effort to build the perfect email marketing campaign but there aren’t enough people on your mailing list? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Just like with blogs and social media pages, growing an audience takes time and patience. Thankfully, there are ways to make this process quicker. 

In this article, we’ll go over the various methods you can use to rapidly grow your B2B email list. We’ll tell you how to attract more leads for your email marketing using Data Licensing, Webinars, and your own website!

Method No. 1: Access a Ready-Made Database with Data Licensing

One of the fastest ways to build a B2B email list is Data Licensing. With this method, you are practically licensing your use of an already-existing legal list of engaged businesses. The time span of the license can vary based on your needs and budget, e.g. you can license the list for 6 months and see whether you get the results you want from this method or not. 

Here’s how it works: you send the specifications of your ideal client profile, also known as a buyer persona, and the Data License provider suggests the most fitting email list. Then you negotiate the terms of licensing: the frequency, the time, and the cost. 

PMG360 is one such B2b email list provider for Data Licensing. Our programs allow our customers the unique opportunity to effectively increase their database with highly accurate and active decision-makers. Our databases are updated regularly to ensure 100% accurate and hygienic data. Prior to licensing, each contact is passed through a 15-step quality control process with multiple email communications, engagement tracking, and social media cross-referencing.

Keep in mind that Data Licensing is a legal promotional method and each contact has confirmed consent before being added to the list. Properly licensed databases follow privacy laws of their respective regions like CAN-SPAM, CAPT, GDPR, etc. If you have more questions about licensing, feel free to reach out to us with your questions. 

Method No. 2: Expand your Audience Through Webinars

People love a good webinar that has an enticing topic and delivers on the promise with valuable content. Whether you’ve noticed or not, most webinars require you to fill out a form to register. These online events are a great way to see an organic spike in the number of contacts in your B2B email list.

The success of a webinar depends on the topic, the content, and its promotion. Avoid selecting titles that are too obvious and make sure it’s relevant to your audience. Next up, make sure the webinar itself is full of valuable information to keep people tuned in till the last minute. The webinar itself is your chance to prove to the attendants that you deserve a place in their precious, and most likely overcrowded, inbox space. 

Make sure to include a consent checkbox in the form that is activated by default for email newsletters and marketing emails. Additionally, to promote your email marketing, mention your newsletter during the webinar and detail briefly what they can expect to receive in their inbox when they sign up. Include a link in the webinar description for signing up to your email, in case some people unchecked the box when signing up for your webinar but after seeing your brief promo changed their mind about it. 

Method No. 3: Promote the Value of Your Email Marketing on Your Website

Your website is the most obvious way to get people to sign up for your email newsletter. No need to underestimate the power of this method. With a well-written, convincing copy you can convince even the most reluctant visitors to sign up to get that sweet, full-of-value content in their inboxes. You can put these copies either in pop-up messages or mentions in your blog posts and landing pages.

Pop-up messages are one of the most popular and effective ways to inform your website visitors about your email newsletters. There’s a catch though – pop-ups are only effective when they show up at the right place at the right time. Never make a pop-up show up immediately after the page loads. We’ve talked more about how to time your pop-ups in our “How to Effectively Utilize Email Marketing for Lead Generation?” article. This time, we will concentrate on how to make the content of the pop-up convincing so that the visitor trusts you with their email address. 

You can use a pop-up for various promotions of course. Whether you decide to create a pop-up promoting your latest gated content or specifically your email newsletter, always assure people that you won’t spam their inbox with frequent emails and keep on that promise. This reduces the reluctance the visitor might have when asked to fill in their email address.

For newsletter-centric pop-ups, give the reader an idea of what to expect from you. It’s a good idea to also show them the subject titles of the first three to five emails you are going to send them if it’s not a news-related newsletter. You can take this one step further by giving them a link to take a glimpse at some of your past emails in your email newsletter. Additionally, letting them know that they have an option to customize the content they will receive from you will also significantly increase the chances of sign-ups. 

Last but not least, add CTAs in your articles and Landing Pages about your email newsletter. This way you will have more space to describe the benefits of signing up to your email and add sample emails we talked about above. Brainstorm with your design team the placements of the promos, and don’t always feel like you have to put them in the very bottom of the content. Experiment with various placements to find the most effective spot on your website.

An Important Note About Developing Your B2B Email List

If you aren’t already doing this, make sure that all your B2B email marketing efforts closely follow the privacy laws of the regions you operate in. Each region has a different set of rules for marketing your brand via email.


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