5 Effective Methods for Cybersecurity Lead Generation

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The cybersecurity market is on the rise with projections predicting growth of up to $418.3 billion by 2028. A growing market always attracts more players and creates a highly competitive field. And that seems to be the case with the cybersecurity market which is already quite competitive and crowded thanks to the increasing awareness of the need for data security on the web. 

So, how do you stay ahead of the fierce competition and get people to sign up and download your cybersecurity solution? That’s what we’re here to discuss. In this article, we’ll go over various lead generation techniques for cybersecurity providers that are proven to deliver results.

Use Video Advertising

Selling a cybersecurity product isn’t like selling shoes on the web – the use cases aren’t always self-explanatory. Furthermore, your prospects might not initially be aware of why they need to use your product. This is why video advertising is the most effective way to advertise a cybersecurity solution on the web. 

For prospects who have yet to enter the discovery phase, create an explainer video with beautiful visuals and, most importantly, an easily conveyed explanation of what your solution does. This will help you make a good first impression and raise awareness about your brand. 

You can later use the audience that watched and interacted with your video to retarget across the web. Video advertisement is a great way to get people’s attention on the web and the format allows you to easily convey your message.

This method can also be very effective with prospects who are in the latter stages of their buyer’s journey. In this case, your video ad can concentrate on the advantages your offering has over competitors. 

Sponsor a YouTube Video

Tech YouTubers provide yet another great opportunity for cybersecurity marketing. Through a message from the sponsor mentions in their videos, you will get an opportunity to put your offering directly in front of new eyes. 

Usually, such promotions are complemented with a special offer for the viewers of that channel. Whether it’s a discount or an extended free trial, these offers serve as a way to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and see how many people signed up after watching the video. 

You’ve probably already seen this in action yourself. The YouTuber presents the sponsor and then tells about a special offer that viewers can take advantage of by following a special link that usually has the channel’s name in it. This link is also a UTM link, that will show you the number of people who used it and later became paying users.

Try to partner with YouTube channels that have a relevant niche audience even if the channel doesn’t have a huge subscriber base yet. This is a great way to start dabbing into influencer marketing as smaller channels don’t require big sums for their sponsorship packages.

Create Compelling Landing Pages

All your marketing efforts should be complemented by highly effective landing pages that seal the deal. This is where people make the ultimate decision of committing to a product or service. So, make sure your landing pages have compelling content and stunning visuals that will get your traffic to convert. 

For cybersecurity marketing, it is essential that the language you use is easily understandable by the demographic you target. Avoid using overly complicated vocabulary as that might just confuse your traffic and result in low conversion rates. Invest in quality copywriters that have a good understanding of your product and will be able to paint a clear picture of the benefits your offering provides. 

Different structures may work differently for each cybersecurity offering, but here’s a universally effective landing page structure for your inspiration.

  • Introduce your offering briefly, describing simply and clearly what you do. 
  • Outline the issue your offering solves. 
  • Follow up with how exactly your offering solves the issue.
  • List the risks your cybersecurity software helps prevent. 
  • Wrap it all up by masterfully describing how your offering outshines the competition. 
  • Seal the deal with a strong call to action, inviting the visitor to give your offering a risk-free try.

Publish Security-Related Reports

White papers and industry reports do a great job of attracting leads. Although, it’s important to keep in mind that these usually generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs) more often than sales qualified leads (SQLs). That doesn’t of course mean this method isn’t effective for paid user acquisitions. 

Industry reports are long-term lead generation tools. Its success depends on distribution and SEO optimization. Once the report finds its audience, many will quote the report in their articles and provide backlinks.

Reports also make very good social media content. You can use the statistical data and graphs to create engaging content and also make a convincing case of why your offering is necessary. 

Expand your Reach with Data Licensing

Companies spend a significant amount of time and resources to build and maintain a lead database. What if we told you that you can access a ready-made, carefully maintained, database full of relevant B2B decision-makers? It’s possible with PMG360’s Data Licensing program.

Here’s how it works, you send us the characteristics of your prospective buyers and we segment relevant decision-makers into a custom list created for you. But before we present it to you, to ensure 100% data integrity, each record passes through a 15-step quality control process. The extensive process includes multiple email communications, engagement tracking, social media cross-referencing, and third-party verification to ensure that the data is current and accurate.

An accurate database that covers over 18 industries and includes more than 6 million engaged contacts is a great way to boost your reach in a minimal amount of time. Especially, if your cybersecurity offering targets B2B customers. 

Need Help with Cybersecurity Lead Generation?

If you want to learn more about our Data License program, or need help with Email Outreach Campaigns, Content Marketing, Digital Display Advertising, or Lead Generation in general, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.

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