Account-Based Marketing Campaign for a Cybersecurity Company

  • 2 minute read

The Objective

A cybersecurity firm approached PMG360 for an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign with a goal to generate Marketing Qualified Leads based on the client’s ABM company list. The target audience was high-level decision-makers at US Information Technology (IT), Information Security (IS), and Security companies. 

Achieving the Objective

The client’s publisher, salesperson, and Director of Operations worked closely with a media partner to identify qualified prospects within PMG360’s 1st party permission data from ABM list companies. Next up, the client set up 6 content assets to be distributed across PMG360’s IT and research websites network.

PMG360 distributed the content assets to selected 1st party records using email, digital display advertising, and AI telemarketing. Additionally, our team utilized various digital advertising networks to reach the targeted contacts, more specifically, owned & operated networks, digital advertising, and social media paid promotion platforms. 

To streamline the lead delivery, we worked closely with the media partner to integrate lead delivery into the preferred lead orchestration platform. 

Download this free case study and see the results we’ve got for this client. If you want similar results for your Cybersecurity company, schedule a call with us today and let’s discuss the details.


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