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PMG360 welcomes individual bloggers and businesses to contribute high-quality guest articles on our blog. 

PMG360 is a leading online media company that provides Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Display Advertising, Data Licensing, and Hygiene services to B2B companies in the USA. 

We create content on a weekly basis with the aim to educate our target audience and provide high-quality information about B2B marketing. 

If your guest article idea aligns with what we do, we welcome you to contribute to our blog. We’ll share the article on our social media platforms with a mention to your page (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). 


Guest Article Guidelines

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    • Lead Generation
    • Email Marketing
    • Digital Display Advertising
    • Data Licencing and Hygiene
  1. The article should be longer than 700 words
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Terms Of Use

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